Production company:
University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest
Mirage Film Studio

Director: Attila Hartung
Writer: Bálint Csaba
Cinematographer: István Kürti
Editor: Péter Duszka
Music: Dávid Konsiczky
Costume: Sára Bálint
Production design: Zsolt Paráda
Producers: Miklós Bosnyák, Nándor Lovas, Gábor Osváth

Budapest, 1944. Three Jewish sisters are hiding in the apartment of a well-known doctor during the Holocaust. Their days are filled with paranoia, and it turns out that evil might come from unexpected places.

Tibor Szervét, Angéla Eke, Kata Pető, Kata Bach, István Znamenák


On the Set

Directed by:

Attila Hartung

Born in 1991, Attila Hartung started his studies in 2011 at SZFE (University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest). One of the busiest students in and outside of the school, Attila is also working on music videos, commercials, and is currently writing his first feature film. ‘Ischler’ was his 3rd year project at SZFE. His older brother and frequent collaborator is cinematographer Dávid Hartung.