Three Dances

Three Dances is a feature-length documentary film about three generations of ballet dancers studying classical ballet at the Hungarian Dance Academy. Each dancer keeps the 600-years-old dance art alive, while struggling with their separation from their families, their strong expectations and having physical and mental pain. While introducing the three main characters in their 1st, 5th and 9th year in the academic year, we would like to establish a general picture of the career path a young student follows in order to become a ballet artist.

On the Set

Directed by:

Glória Halász

Glória Halász is the author behind two acclaimed Hungarian documentaries. Iron Curtain, made in 2011, is about the members of the Vác City Prison Theater, while Dr. Lala (2014) told the story of a clown doctor. The latter film won the best documentary awards at the Opuzen Film Festival in Croatia and at the International Cinefest of Miskolc, Hungary.