Life Must Go On

Feature film / 100 min / 2015 / POLAND

Production company:
Instytucja Filmowa Film-Art
Filmfabriq (production service company: Hungary)

Director: Maciej Migas
Writer: Cezary Harasimowicz
Cinematographer: Radek Ladczuk
Editor: Maciej Pawlinski
Music: Tomasz Wiracki
Costume: Dominika Gebel
Production design: Jagna Janicka
Producers: Marcin Ksobiech, Maciej Szwarc, Pawel Jadczak, Ádám Felszeghy (line producer: Hungary)

When cancer-stricken alcoholic actor discovers he’s only got 3 months to live, he decides to change his life and reconcile with his estranged daughter.


On Location

Directed by:

Maciej Migas

Maciej Migas graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Wroclaw, as well as the Directing Department at the National Film School in Lodz. Winner of many awards, including First prize at the festival "Summer Movies" (category short) in Kazimierz in 2004. He received a scholarship from the Polish Filmmakers Association for the script of the documentary JAROCIN and first prize for screenplay organized by the Film Studio "Akson" as co-author of the award-winning ODE TO JOY. LIFE MUST GO ON is his feature debut.